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Hi, I'm Leah - thanks for visiting :)

I'm a recent college graduate living in Philadelphia who started reading Tarot cards in 2020. 

I've always been in tune with my own intuition and deeply affected by the energies around me, and I love

helping people get in touch with their own intuition and empathy, too. 


Enter Tarot, an art I started playing around with last year and instantly became enamored with.

As a life-long admirer of the stars, the moon, and anything else that might just be out there,

I've always been a follower of astrology - I'm a Pisces sun, Aries rising, and Leo moon -

and a firm believer in "signs from the universe."   It seems like was only a matter of time before

I got my hands on a Tarot deck and fell in love.

When I'm not working at my full-time job or reading Tarot, I love to getting outside to hike/camp/ski,

seeing live music, and spending time with the people (and cats) I love.

Why "Indigo" Leah?  

Indigo blue is the color of the third eye chakra: it relates to deep intuitive wisdom and inner knowledge.

People with indigo auras are natural empaths and tend to live in a dream state.

"They are seekers by nature and see the world as something bigger than themselves as an individual. They understand that living in the moment and going with the natural flow of life is key. Those with indigo in their aura trust their intuition and can easily discern between truth and illusion. As communicators and connectors, they help those they meet along the way to understand the beauty and vastness of the universe and its mysteries." -Aura Aura

Thank you again for visiting my website, and I would love to read your cards soon!

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